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Patented Regulation for Improved Efficiency  VIDEO

Siapro has newly developed and specially designed flow regulation of a standard Banki Water Turbine - Cross-flow turbine, to increase its overall efficiency. A patented invention (EP2642115) that takes a standard, reliable and proven technology to a new level.

1. Proven, inexpensive solution with low overall investment

2. Good regulation as well as excellent behaviour under partial loads

3. Increased efficiency (by up to 5%) due to specially designed and patented Siapro Flow Regulation System

4. Minimal operational costs due to turbine’s relatively simple construction and self-cleaning effect

5. High profitability of the investment

6. Automation system with standard industrial components for high lifetime expectancy

Pelton turbine runners 3D modelling and production characteristics
  • 3D Modelling, 3D 5 Axis machining
  • Materials: Inox, Other
  • Casted - Full Runner
  • Casted - Schafels - Welded
  • Balanced on Run of Speed

Designing and installation of gates and grids on the hydroelectric power plant in Slovenia.


Technical data:

- Turbine type: Pelton horizontal with two nozzles

- Gross Head: 306.5 m

- Net Head: 300,0 m

- Max flow: 310 l/s

- Generator: 850 kVA, 0,4 +/- 5% kV, 1500 rpm

- Service valve DN300PN40

- Hydraulic aggregate

- Electrical equipment.


The final price depends on the completeness of the hydro power station.

4 nozzles, 22 bars working pressure, proven high resistance materials, maintenance free needle guides and sealing, proportional control of hydraulic cylinders,
modular design with preassembling, fast installation; „plug & play“ – 3 days, glass window to the runner view, automatic filling system and startup, safety operation and shut down procedure

We successfully completed a new turnkey project where we took care of the modelling and construction
of equipment, production of equipment, necessary tests and final assembly at the final location of the new hydropower plant in Europe, Albania.

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