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An old powerplant renewed with cost efficient Siapro-Hydro-Pelton turbine with double wheel for the optimized production of electricity. VIDEO

We delivered a new 2 Jet Pelton Horizontal turbine, Hn 118.5 m,Q 220 l/s. Automation system for both turbines is included. VIDEO

With the installation of its own hydroelectric power plant, the customer has adapted its basic production program to modern guidelines for sustainable and green energy. Technical data:
  • Siapro micro small hydro 18,5 kW
  • 3 nozzles Pelton turbine
  • fully automatic regulation water level and operation
  • 2 x electrical servo motor
  • 1 x nozzle.

System SCADA
Head 2,3m
Flow 7,5m3/s

The river is actually flowing slow as the river-bed is relatively wide. Necessary flow dynamics are ensured by the proper intake design. New Siapro Kaplan hydro-electricity power plant under construction in a new wooden machine house, wooden house is local district law. The price of the Kaplan hydroelectric power plant is determined for each project separately, as it is an individual designed project and realization made "turnkey".

Special material used for operation in salty water. VIDEO turbine in final operation
Synchronous generator 350 kVA
Automation & protection system, SCADA
Head: H = 4,4 m
Flow: Q = 8.0 m3/s
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