Francis turbines designing and production

Francis turbine housing is filled with water, which means that all the impeller blades work the same force. Francis turbine power depends on the flow and direction of water flow on the impeller blades. To regulate the flow of water a Francis turbine has blades installed in the turbine casing. Blades in the casing are interconnected in a mechanism called the guide. Through changing the location of these vanes we can regulate the turbine power. Shaft drivers can be installed vertically or horizontally. These types of turbines we used for medium-sized drops of 10 to 400 meters. The efficiency of Francis turbine is up to 93%.

Francis turbine runners 3D modelling and production characteristics

  1. 3D Modeling, 3D 5 Axis machining
  2. Materiali: Inox, Bronze, Other
  3. Casted – Loast  Foam Process
  4. Machines :  Welded
  5. Thermar  Threated.                  VIDEO Hidroelektrarna Africa
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Catalog in Spanish
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Questionnarie for Siapro offer:
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