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Hydro turbine was 100% manufacturing in Slovenia in Siapro. Turbine is made with high quality material, high quality manufacturing and according to European standards.
In Siapro we are very flexible in projects. Our equipment is cost effective flexible and proven very high quality for good and affordable price.

Foto from final test in Siapro workshop. Synhronous generator, Head 98m, Flow 0,066m3/s.

Hydro turbine runner.

In the photos are 100 years old Francis rotors refurbished by Siapro.
There are many old hydro power plants in great working condition. Anyway, refurbishment can bring some crucial advantages in green energy like efficiency and profitability, but also operational safety and long distance control.

In Siapro we are engineering company. We have experience with different types of hydro power plants refurbishment. Call or write to our engineers.

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SIAPRO d.o.o.
Postaja 9
Slovenia, EU

T: +386 5 3841 632
F: +386 5 3841 630

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