Machinery supply

We supply all hydromechanical and electrical equipment.


We supply locks of different sizes and for different purposes (main gate, cleaning gate, etc.). The system of raising and lowering gates may be in different versions: manually, with the help of electric motors or by hydraulic cylinder.


We supply coarse and fine grids, in various configurations. Coarse grid is installed at the beginning of intake facility and are intended to remove coarse impurities (stones, wood, etc.).. Fine grids are installed before entering the pipeline or at the end of the inlet channel before entering the water in the turbine shaft. They are designed to remove fine impurities (leaves, grass, branches smaller pieces).

Cleaning machines

We supply machines for the cleaning of bars. Automatic cleaning machine is a first step for optimizing the operation of small hydroelectric plants andautomatic regulating and control of small hydroelectric plants. Scrub is in most cases driven by an electric motor, but also with the help of hydraulics.

VIDEO Cleaning machine


In the construction of pipelines, small hydroelectric plants are often used steel pipe. Today they are in the market also a high pressure plastic materials that meet the parameters required by piping small hydroelectric plants. We supply new and used steel pipes as well as plastic pipes for hydropower plant.

Electrical control systems

We supply electrical control box for power steering and other components for automatic regulation and control of small hydroelectric plants

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