Kaplan turbines designing and production

Kaplan hydro turbine is axial overpressure water turbine, which has a radial inflow, outflow, however axial. Kaplan turbine is used for high flow rates and low lows. For a wide range of flow rate is achieved a very good yields, even more than 92%. More than 20 years of experience means the accumulation of experience and knowledge that guarantee internationally competitive solutions.

Kaplan turbine runners 3D modelling and production characteristics

  1. 3D Modeling, 3D 5 Axis machining
  2. Materials: Inox,  Other
  3. Machines : Welded - Turned
  4. Thermar  Threated
A3_SIAPRO_Hydro_Power_Plants_ang_2019_distribution (.pdf 5.6MB)
pdfA4_SIAPRO_Kaplan_Hydro_Turbines_ang_2019_distribution (.pdf 4.2MB)
pdfLeaflet SIAPRO Water Turbines Design & Production (.pdf 888KB)       VIDEO Turn Key

pdfPoster SIAPRO Water Turbines (.pdf 632KB)
pdfPoster SIAPRO SAXO Blades for Kaplan Turbine_ang (.pdf 1.3MB)

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