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Do you want to build a Small Hydro Electricity Plant?

We are manufacturer of hydro power plants for more than 25 years. With SIAPRO Engineering team we are able to offer you Turn key projects with modelling and commissioning of  Hydro Power Plants. We offer basic advising, designing and construction hydro power plants, manufacturing and complete equipment supplying and installations. We design and manufacture Pelton, Kaplan, Francis Turbines, Cross-flow Turbines (EP2642115), Hydro machinery and Electrical Equipment for Hydro Plants. We have qualified constructors and engineering team for hydro projects. We design and manufacture hydro equipment in Slovenia and install it around the world.

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Contact us for more information about our Hydro manufacturing projects. We are manufacturer with more than 25 years of experience and numerous reference projects are a reflection of many years of work and confidence in our services and products. Watch VIDEO of Small Hydro Power Plant
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Francis Turbine Siapro engineering rendering

If you add shading, colour, lamination to a 3D or also a 2D model with a computer software program ...


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Our You tube channel »Siapro hydro turbines« can be helpfull in checking Siapro hydro power plants ...


Making economic ties with Japan

The two-hour event within the framework of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, in which we participated, ...


Hydro power plant price Vertical Francis turbine TF-1256-372 PRICE 69.500 EUR

Technical data:
• Flow Q = 2,4 m3/s
• Head H = 2,05 m
• Power Pt = 42 kW
• Dimension 1256 mm x ...


Parts for water turbines

If you need new hydro turbine or you want to improve existing equipment you are welcome to contact...

SIAPRO d.o.o.
Postaja 9
Slovenia, EU

T: +386 5 3841 632
F: +386 5 3841 630
E: hydro@siapro.si
W: www.siapro.eu

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