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Siapro d.o.o. has now over 65 highly professional employees and has now 3,860 m2 of covered production areas, which allows us to at least double production capacity in 2023.

SIAPRO d.o.o. is an internationally recognized company. We have been present on the market since 1993. Next year we will celebrate 30 years of operation. Due to the expansion of our business, we realized an investment worth more than EUR 2 million this year and took an important step in the further development of the company. We bought the company Strojrem from Croatia and provide additional production facilities:
- 2,600 m2 of additional covered production space,
- 4,200 m2 of additional space for further expansion of production,
- 50 additional highly professional employees (expanding Siapro team to 78 people). Finally, we reached target to have enough skilled designers to continue work on permanent products development.

Company Strojrem has been operating successfully on the market for 31 years. In the field of mechanical engineering Siapro has been cooperating with Strojrem for 17 years, so many of our partners already know the company. With the purchase we upgraded our common knowledge and projects, which will enable our customers to provide even better service and even better quality of machinery and equipment.

The production of conveyors has so far been the main sales program of Strojrem. With the purchase, we expanded the sales program of technologies for the transport of sheet and bulky materials, as do conveyors in the recycling industry (transport, storage, dosing, crushing and separation of materials, loading of materials). We offer turn-key projects using 3D projection tools, production, installation, and service of equipment.
Transport solutions are used for biomass plants, alternative fuels and waste industry, agricultural products and cereals industry, cement production, plaster and lime production, foundries, metallurgy and mining solutions, port, and terminal solutions etc.

With new production capacities, with a strengthened professional engineering team, with offering innovative solutions and new technologies, with equipment 100% manufactured in the EU, we will be able to provide customers with additional high-quality standards for the entire Siapro sales program. Siapro's sales program includes also hydro power plants up to 10 MW.

The proximity of Zagreb Airport (50 min-drive) further improves the conditions for great communication with business partners and customers. With investment we enable expansion into new markets and further growth of our company and increase turnover of group.

Franci Jezeršek
General manager Siapro d.o.o.
Member of the Management board Strojrem d.o.o.

Video Strojrem

pdfPRESS RELEASE SIAPRO_Capacity enlargement_Takeover of Strojrem d.o.o._Croatia


Francis turbine compact water power turbine, economical solution.


The time has come to renovate an old power plant. After rich 90 years of history, it is time to modernize and prepare for the next long period of successful operation.
In Siapro we offer different turnkey projects on renewable energy field.

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SIAPRO d.o.o.
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