Electro Engineering

Electrical engineering covers all stages from consulting to designing electrical installations and delivery of the equipment, all the way to the execution of electrical installations and programming. The company SIAPRO offers you the entire process of electrical engineering in all types of buildings. In addition to development and production for our own needs, we also sell products for the control, distribution, measurement and protection of electrical equipment for other purposes. We have decided to do so as we have a lot of success with our ready-to-use project.


Programming PLC controllers

We employ qualified engineers for programming PLC controllers Siemens, Omron, TUnitronics, Telemeqanicue, Klöckner Moeller


Electro documentation

We make all necessary documentation regarding projects nd customer requirements.

Production of electrical cabinets

In our production we produce control cabinet, sprojektirajo by our skilled engineers.

Installation and commissioning of electrical installations

Installation and commissioning is performed by an experienced team.

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