Energy is present all around us, the presentation of technical professions with the course of the construction of hydroelectric power plants and a visit to the small hydroelectric power plant near Siapro headquarters


Better recognition of technical professions and engineering work among young people in Posočje and nearby region and active involvement of companies in the process of guiding young people for their needs and deciding on technical professions, more active role of schools and thus encouraging young people for technical professions and including offered economic activities in the shools annual work plan are important goals of the project in which also company Siapro is including.

In 2022, Siapro's work process from construction to the manufacturibg of hydroelectric power plants was presented the students of the Kobarid Primary School, and in previous years by the students of the Most na Soči and the Deskle Primary School.

A presentation of Siapro's workflow from hydropower plant planning to the final product. Energy is present all around us was the title of this year's visit to the Kobarid Primary School, during which, in addition to the construction of the hydroelectric power plant, we also visited the nearby small hydroelectric power plant at Slap ob Idrijci.
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